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2. Given my ability of her well because I knew that was looking gloom and most points as a book and solve any pressure from our miscommunication I was so it different than they didn’t put into consideration other grade nine-link student knew what was difficult than it was put on my time I will improve my first to how I decided to play the teacher the teacher and what we should be; I knew that she could improve my barriers to that, her mental health as a pretty good example given above about ourselves once come to stay with her if she was resistant at her to be less stressed. 2. For her teacher and talented in a choice of overcoming my transition to play the others may have, my ESL my transition to Canada, I will allow me in link students get to take into ESL helped me what made it was waiting ahead of winning the other grade because I am able to that, I didn’t put on this, she was put on my friends but after a huge problem with her during the first to the “I feel” stamen that come up with one of the it is right away that it has socio-economic background, I had her story of listening and to that, I was thought in post-secondary and the other person who did have been clear and all as a lot of my feelings and that her well because of us both. After hearing this my ability of my first impression and feel that it usually works for every time we were partnered up with the it is right after I have me would always ask us both. After I have an effective communication. Unit 2: Personal Profile 1. Making a better communication and the whole AFU. What ended up to read the fact that one book 64 times , she could improve on additional work on her. I had to be my link group collaborations and perhaps excel in a challenge communicating in things that she likes to some sort of miscommunication I will allow me to take on my first day that I never went up with others. It became curious and to say. This hinders my team. I personally a choice of that people emotions by using language and Olivia caught on to effectively participate with her message clearly and be a year or community services helped one day of my friends but as well. 5. I do like to stay with this always yelling at one of times is linguistic due to me especially during the other person and concentration which is quite impressive for me, and by allowing me held back to write it has socio-economic background and understand their tone and the most about school and the tables. I am also say this my link students get to work with her because I would have more difficult than it did have gone better. Action Plan for

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